Kens Sewing Center Reviews

Kens Sewing Center Reviews

Over the years, Ken Sewing Center has grown beyond sewing machines and currently carries a full line of embroidery machines, sergers, vacuum cleaners, and more. This has made it a reputable sewing store that competes with other sewing stores like Singer Sewing Machine, Sew Essential, Sewing Machines Plus, Fat Quarter Shop, and 123Stitch.

Like any other store, Kens Sewing Center has a mix of reviews among shoppers on various customer review platforms. In this article, we will summarise the reviews for you so that you can decide whether Kens Sewing Center is suitable for you.

Kens Sewing Center Reviews

Based on customer reviews on various trusted platforms, Kens Sewing Center has an average score of 4.0 out of 5.0. The table below summarises Kens Sewing Center ratings in various areas:

Brand popularity 5.0
eCommerce 3.0
Payment options 4.0
Shipping 4.0

Brand Popularity

According to customer reviews, Kens Sewing Center scored a solid 5.0 out of 5.0. Many customers agree that this is a popular brand, particularly in the United States.

Payment Options

Kens Sewing Center offers various payment options. This includes PayPal, rated 5.0 by customers, and debit and prepaid cards, rated 3.0. Overall, Ken Sewing Center is rated 4.0 in terms of its payment options.


Kens Sewing Center shipping is rated at 4.0 out of 5.0. The company offers free shipping for orders exceeding $29.95 to locations within the United States. However, it lacks international shipping policies.

Ken Sewing Center also lacks free returns and exchange policies.

Based on the reviews above, Kens Sewing Center is a mid-range performing brand.

Background Information About Kens Sewing Center

Kens Sewing Center was established in 1971 by Ken Clounch. The business only had a few parts and two sewing machines during its initiation. The company started to expand over time because of perseverance and a commitment to treating every client with care.

The Clounch family business’ second generation started running the business in 1995 and founded Since that time, Ken’s Sewing Center has expanded to become one of the biggest businesses in the sector, offering premium brands at competitive pricing.

Online, the company’s guiding principles remained unchanged. They have a skilled staff to fulfill your needs and assist you with every item you purchase, wherever you are.

The third generation of the family business joined the company in 2014, and there are no signs that the business will slow down anytime soon.

Why Buy From Kens Sewing Center

  • After-sale services. Giving you a competitive price is one thing, but assistance has enormous value once you have taken your item home. For as long as you own your goods, Ken’s provides free in-person or online support.
  • Their promise of low prices. No one will undersell Ken’s. They will attempt to match or beat that price if given a chance to win your business.
  • The top repair and service department. To address your service needs, Ken Sewing Center has three full-time professionals that are continuously trained. Additionally, they provide free quotes on all repairs and are an authorized service center for the models they sell. They are pleased to assist you in locating the required part and offer a fully stocked parts store.
  • Staff that are friendly and informed. The professionals at the Ken Sewing Center will assist you in selecting the perfect item and demonstrate how to use it.
  • Free lessons for life. You get lifetime free lessons on each machine from Ken Sewing Center, irrespective of your location. To help you learn how to utilize your machine, Ken’s Sewing Center is happy to work one-on-one or in groups.
  • A showroom floor that is fully stocked. On their sales floor, Ken’s has more than 100 sewing machines, so you can compare them before buying. After you make a purchase, they can provide guidance to serve your needs best, whether you need assistance in person or on the phone.

Key Considerations When Buying a Sewing Machine

One of the top products sold by Kens Sewing Center is sewing machines. In this section of the article, we will walk you through the key factors you should consider when buying a sewing machine:

Mechanical vs Computerized

This is the most significant decision you need to make before buying a sewing machine.

Mechanical sewing machines utilize dials, levers, and knobs for all adjustments.   These devices are simple to operate, maintain, and fix.

In general, they are less expensive than computerized sewing machines.

Do not believe the myth that a mechanical device cannot function as well as a computerized version. Numerous excellent mechanical sewing machines provide beautiful results and can last for years. However, they typically don’t provide a lot of stitch options or features as computerized machines, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you are starting out.

 The computerized sewing machine may be simpler to use in some situations than others. The stitch selection, length and width can be changed with a single click (or a few).

Additionally, computerized machines might provide better speed control independent of pedal pressure. These machines frequently have more buttonhole and stitch options, frequently offering more stitch options than even a skilled user may ever require.

Battery vs. Electric

The most affordable sewing machines are those that run on batteries. However, they have less power, and the batteries on them run out fast.

Nevertheless, a battery-operated machine can suffice if you only need a basic repair on standard-thickness woven textiles.

Remember that inexpensive sewing machines have a relatively small number of stitch options and lack the strength to sew thick materials like denim.


Although they are not small, sewing machines come in various sizes. A few small, portable versions are available that work better for simple repairs than for making large pieces.

The majority of the functionalities of full-size machines are also found in compact machines, which are slightly smaller but have fewer built-in stitches.


The materials chosen for a sewing machine’s inner framework frequently determine weight.

Metal is more resilient yet heavier. Machines with plastic frames are lighter, with some models weighing only a little more than seven pounds.

Final Take

Based on customer reviews, Kens Sewing Center is a mid-range performing brand. The brand has an average rating of 4.0 out of 5.0.

Choosing whether or not to buy from Kens Sewing Center will depend on your tastes and preferences.