How To Fix The Fuzzy Side Of Velcro

How To Fix The Fuzzy Side Of Velcro

Velcro tape usually has two sides: the soft or fuzzy side and the rough side. The fuzzy side is the one that holds the rough side and ensures that the velcro strap is intact. Rough side is also called a hook, and the fuzzy side can also be referred to as a loop.

Loop and hook naming is inspired by the technology of how the two sides work. Each side of the fastener has different components- one has tiny loops, and the other has tiny hooks.

The Velcro fastener tapes tend to weaken over time due to the accumulation of debris, dirt, fabric, and other materials on the fuzzy side. Therefore, the tape won’t be able to stick well. In this case, you should fix the fuzzy side of the Velcro and ensure that the tape offers a strong attachment.

Typically, you can bring back the stickiness of Velcro by cleaning it. Additionally, you can remove the fabrics and dirt attached to Velcro’s fuzzy side by tweezing or combing. 

You need to be cautious when fixing the fuzzy side of Velcro to avoid damaging it together. However, if you note that the shape of the fuzzy side is extremely damaged and torn, consider replacing the velcro strap altogether.

Effective Ways of Fixing The Fuzzy Side of Velcro

Here are  techniques that you can use to fix the fuzzy side of Velcro;

Use of Fingers

You can use your fingers to remove dirt or large pieces stuck on the Velcro. When you plunge out the material that blocks the attachment of the fuzzy side and hook, you will create a more extensive surface area, and the Velcro will have a stronger attachment.

Using Toothbrush

If your Velcro is smaller, you can use a toothbrush or any other brush with gentle bristles to make the fuzzy side neat and free of unwanted materials obstructing the velcro loops and hooks.

Use of a comb

Comb works almost similar to a toothbrush. However, comb edges are more sturdy, and they clean the fuzzy side of velcro tape to clear lint materials and other non-fabric objects.

Use of Tweezers

Tweezers work by tweezing out dirt stuck deep inside the velcro tape. However, remember that using tweezers to fix velcro tape is slightly costly, requiring a lot of time and complete concentration on the procedure.

Scraping Dirt

Dirt is the commonest agent that weakens the fuzzy side of velcro tape. Surprisingly, scraping dirt off the velcro tape is the more straightforward method. 

When you remove the dirt that prevents the fuzzy side of the velcro tape from sticking to the rough end, you restore the strength and effectiveness of the velcro tape.

Do Washing Ruin Velcro?

It’s acceptable to wash Velcro. In addition,  gentle washing won’t ruin the velcro tape, but a rough one will. Whether you have velcro straps in sporting equipment, shoes, or baby clothes, rest assured that as long as you wash your clothes correctly, the velcro tapes won’t be damaged.

However, to avoid making the fuzzy side of Velcro smelly, consider washing the cloth in the sink first. Try to clear the dirt and remove all the smell before you drop the cloth in the washing machine or basin for thorough cleaning.

Notably, you should go through the velcro laundry instructions before you opt to put the cloth in the washer or schedule it for handwashing. The washing should always be delicate with gentle cycles to avoid damaging the Velcro or the whole cloth.

How To Restore the Fuzzy Side of Velcro

Follow the steps below to restore the fuzzy idea of your velcro strap;

  1. Locate Velcro’s rough and soft sides. Use a toothbrush to wipe both sides several times to dislodge debris and other materials.
  2. Be careful to clear more fuzzy debris as possible and to avoid damaging the tape.
  3. Light weak flame to  trim edges of the fuzzy side and make it firm.
  4. Wrap up the procedure by trimming the burnt end carefully using scissors to make the top surface uniform.

How To Remove Lint or  Hair From Velcro?

Hair and lint are among the commonest dirt that sticks to velcro straps. Follow these steps to get rid of the hair and lint that lowers the effectiveness of your velcro tape;

  1. Vacuum the Velcro to remove excess hair and lint.
  2. Rub Velcro using a gentle nail brush. You can use some soap to loosen and remove stubborn lint.
  3. Use a comb to clear the remaining lint.

How Do You Re-Stick The Fuzzy Side Of Velcro?

Using a toothbrush to remove the dirt between the small loops that help Velcro stay together is the secret to rejuvenating old Velcro.

What Causes Velcro To Break?

When lint and dirt become stuck in Velcro, it loses its adhesiveness and becomes useless. Cleaning away lint and dirt will usually restore Velcro’s sticking power, but if it;s old and extremely damaged, it will need replacement. If you want your Velcro to last as long as possible, you should clean it regularly.

Can Velcro Ruin My Clothing?

Even minimal contact with Velcro produces yarn breaking or fabric picking, pulling fiber threads away. Custom gear is considerably more sensitive to Velcro damage.

Does Velcro become less firm with age?

Velcro loses its adhesion when it gets worn out, after which it usually needs to be replaced. However, if your Velcro is not adhering because it’s blocked and unclean, you may clean it to make it stick again. Start by using your fingers to remove any oversized particles stuck in the Velcro.


Consider fixing the fuzzy side of Velcro early before it’s completely damaged. However, if you note that the fuzzy side is severely damaged, you should replace it with new tape.

To ensure that your velcro strap lasts longer, clean it regularly and gently to clear away the dirt, fabric, and other materials that decrease Velcro’s adhesiveness.

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