Do You Wear Socks With Hey Dude Shoes?

Do You Wear Socks With Hey Dude Shoes?

You might be wondering what Hey Dude Shoes are. These are Wally-style slip-on shoes launched in 2008 to give comfort. They’re lighter and breathable than conventional shoes and more than slippers with elastic laces to enable easy putting on. 

There is a lot to learn about these popular shoes that offer unique style, affordability, and comfort while offering new experiences without boredom. 

Do You Wear Socks With Hey Dude Shoes?

Hey Dude shoes are worn in various settings with or without socks, and they still look great.

Is it okay to wear shoes with Hey Dude Shoes?

The answer to this boggling question depends on your personal preference. You can wear Hey Dude shoes with or without socks; either way, they are still comfortable.

The shoes are lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and of high quality. They have a cushioned footbed with soft fabric linings to keep your feet firm and airy with or without socks. In addition, they are made of cotton canvas material, making the shoes breathable.

Therefore, wearing your Hey Dude slip-on shoes with or without socks is a personal choice. If you wear socks, choose breathable low-cut socks, as they’re the perfect option.

What Features Make Hey Dude Shoes Comfortable With/Without Socks?

The Hey Dudes are still comfortable even without shoes on. Here are some of the qualities that contribute:

Comfortable Upper

The Hey Dude shoes are created with comfort and quality in mind. The upper material used in making the shoe is canvas, knit, or a stretchy textile. As a result, they offer much freedom, flexibility, and protection to your feet while enhancing breathability.

The elastic and flexible upper allows you to stretch where necessary, making the shoe take the shape of your feet. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about blisters, bruises, or bumps while wearing them.


The driving force behind the design of Hey Dudes was to develop eco-friendly shoes that are sustainable and comfy. The foam lining and an insole made of memory foam create a comfortable footbed, act as a shock absorber, and give your feet a cool feeling.

Extreme Lightweight

The Hey Dudes are lightweight with about 150g, approximately the weight of two pairs of socks, thus making them ideal for wearing with or without socks. The excellent lightweight is due to the shoes’ construction, including the EVA outsole, the upper fabric, and the memory foam midsole.

Easy- Fitting

The shoes don’t have tight-fitting, unlike ordinary shoes. Instead of shoelaces, they use elastic bands, making you move in easily without tiring. Even those that come with laces are meant for mild adjustments only. 

If you are out for maximum support, Hey Dude may not be the best choice as they don’t fit tightly; instead, they loosely fit to avoid pulling out as you move. The elastic straps across the heel and sides provide extra grip on the sides and heels.

Thanks to the superior loose fit, you can wear them all day long without experiencing foot issues.


The materials used in making the shoes (textile) allow air circulation in and out of your feet, thus being highly breathable. However, they are unsuitable to be worn in wet/damp areas.

What Are The Advantages Of Wearing Hey Dude Shoes With Socks?

The feet comprise several sweat glands- 250,000 in total, contrary to other body parts. Nevertheless, socks help keep the feet dry by absorbing the excess sweat moisture, which accelerates fungal and bacteria growth. 

Below are other benefits of using socks with Hey Dudes:

Prevents bad odor and sweat-  the Hey Dudes help your feet stay dry due to the free air circulation around your fit; thus, no odor, nor will it make you uncomfortable.

It is hygienic to put on socks to avoid foot issues such as bacterial growth on the skin due to excess moisture. In addition, socks will keep your feet warm.

Protection from rough surfaces- socks offer extra comfort, especially if you’re wearing new shoes that make you uneasy due to the rough insole.

Blister prevention- This issue is very common whenever you wear new shoes. Thus, socks will protect your feet from friction against the sides of the shoes, minimizing the chances of developing blisters.

Feet support- Socks offer the necessary support to your feet to protect you from hurting yourself while wearing the Hey Dudes.

Breathability- You will get a cooling effect on your feet even if you wear socks on a hot day. The upper textile fabric allows air circulation in and out of your feet. 

They prevent Injuries- Hey Dudes are created to prevent injuries on your feet as they cushion your steps and have shock absorbers.

Aesthetics- Socks complement your attire, thus enhancing your style as well.

What Type Of Socks Are Recommendable For Use With Hey Dude Shoes?

Always match your socks’ colors and patterns with those in your attire, or choose the opposite look for variance.

Also, select low-cut and non-slip styles to prevent them from slipping off your feet. For instance, cotton socks keep your feet breathable and hold them cooler making them a suitable choice for those with sweaty legs.

Therefore, pick socks with a high percentage of cotton as they are more breathable. That said, here is a glance at the socks you should wear while putting on your Dude shoes.

Long Socks

You can make a bold statement in pedal-pushers or shorts by selecting Knee-high socks while adding color/ pattern to your legs. They will also set off the color and style of your shoes.

Charm or Pom-Pons Socks

Socks with pom-poms above the heels or ribbon, lace, charm, or bow will be incredible.

Crew Socks

Get standard crew socks in bright colors or eye-catching patterns that will make an outstanding impression.

Tights or Pantyhose

They are made of a different material than the one that makes socks. However, they can add extra attention to your outfit, thus creating a unique look when you combine them with Hey Dude Shoes.


Wearing your Hey Dude shoes with or without socks is a personal choice. However, if you choose to wear socks, pick the ones with a higher percentage of cotton and low-cut socks to allow breathability. 

Overall, whether you wear your Hey Dudes Shoes with or without shoes, one fact stands out – They offer you the freedom to enjoy both worlds but still get the exceptional comfort you deserve.