Can You Paint Sunbrella Fabric?

Can You Paint Sunbrella Fabric?

Sunbrella is waterproof, stain and mold-resistant acrylic woven fabric. It’s a versatile material ideal for myriads of uses. In most cases, the storefront awnings have special sunbrella fabric dyed using a UV solution that makes the sunbrella fabric stain-resistant and fade-proof.

Can You Paint Sunbrella Fabric?

You might want to color your Sunbrella fabric after a few years. In that case, can you paint Sunbrella fabric? Yes, Sunbrella fabric can be painted. 

However, because the fabric is liquid and water resistant, it’s not an easy process with a guarantee of success.  You can paint the Sunbrella fabric using chalk paint or water-based acrylic paint but bear in mind that doing so is an experiment.

Due to the chemical treatment used to make Sunbrella fabric water-resistant, the applied paint may remain on the fabric’s surface. As a result, applying significant pressure could be necessary to push the painting into the fabric.

It’s also advisable that you seek a professional who is well-versed in painting textiles. Professional painters have high-quality equipment, special paints, and the expertise required to produce the desired sunbrella fabric outcomes.

Unfortunately, there are potential dangers in painting Sunbrella. For example, if you paint  Sunbrella fabric, it can become hard. Therefore, as you try to fold it, it might eventually break. In simple terms, painting Sunbrella puts its level of elasticity in jeopardy.

Uses of Sunbrella Fabric

The most common material used to make boat coverings is Sunbrella. The sunbrella fabric keeps the boat dry and safe since it’s resistant to Ultraviolet rays and water. In addition,  sunbrella shields you from UV rays at sea while you ride the boat.

On your patio, you may install a sunbrella fabric to provide a cozy little nook where you can relax when it’s raining or shade when the weather is too hot.

Can You Change The Color Of Sunbrella Fabric?

Yes, you can change the color of the sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella cloth is made of woven acrylic, and it’s extremely popular because of features including mold resistance, stain resistance, fade resistance, and water resistance. Additionally, the sunbrella fabric has a higher survival rate and is easy to maintain.

Sunbrella fabric repels liquids and water, making the process of changing its color challenging with no assurance of success. 

If you want to change the color of the sunbrella, use chalkboard paint or water-based acrylic paint. However, since the sunbrella fabric has liquid-repellent properties, the paint may just lay on the fabric’s surface when you try to paint. Fabric’s tendency to dry out and fracture is also another big challenge. 

How To Prepare Sunbrella Fabric For Painting

Prepare the sunbrella fabric for painting by removing the waterproof material and soaking it in a solution of heavy detergent and water for a day. Sunbrella fabric won’t be capable of absorbing the paint if it can’t absorb water. 

Additionally, the dyed sunbrella deteriorates fast in the sun and if you want to drive the paint into the sunbrella fabric, considerable pressure is required.   

It’s possible for your Sunbrella fabric to get stiff after painting. If you have to fold the sunbrella fabric, that might lead to breaking over time.  The best course of action is to give the Sunbrella fabric color a greater thought before buying. If you wish to switch colors, buy a brand-new Sunbrella cover that fits your current requirements.

How To Restore Sunbrella Fabric 

For Regular Mold and Stains

The methods below can be used if your Sunbrella fabric is detachable and the manufacturer suggests machine cleaning.

  • Put the clothes in the washer

Start by securing all zippers on the cloth that was removed. Please put them in the washer and choose the cold wash option. 

When running a delicate cycle, use the standard dosage of light laundry detergent. Next, take the textiles out and let them air dry. Avoid using a dryer since it could taint your clothes.

  • Use Bleach Remedy

Obtain a sizable mixing bucket and fill it with 14 cups of dish soap, 1 cup of bleach, and 1 gallon of water. The mold is removed if you spray the mixture on the cloth and wait 15 minutes.

Use a sponge or a gentle brush with soft bristles to get rid of the mold. Clean the cloth with water, then allow it to air dry. 

Always consider treating the exact location of mold on Sunbrella cloth instead of treating the entire item to avoid leaving water stains and rings.

  • Mix basic Soap and Water Cleanser

Here is a recipe for a cleaning solution that removes several typical stains— 14 cups of mild dishwashing liquid and 1 gallon of water. Use a sprayer to apply the solution, then use a soft brush or cloth to rub it in. Rinse after only rubbing the spots.

All stains are eliminated, including raw egg, chocolate, ketchup, charcoal, tea, mustard, soda, coffee, soda, grape juice, and pencil marks.

Restoring Sunbrella Fabric With Tough Stains

If your sunbrella fabric has stubborn stains, don’t worry. If you follow these directions, you can clear it out quickly.

  • Removing Wine Stains

Wash the stain gently with water. After that, use soapy water to dislodge the difficult spots and scrub the area with a bristle brush. 

Rinse the fabric with clean water to remove the soapy solution. Apply a gentle cloth to the cleaned area and gently pat it to dry. The last steps will include air drying.

  • Removing Blood Stains

If spilt blood accidentally dries in your sunbrella fabric, it could be challenging to clean because safety procedures should be followed.

Start by removing the discolouration using soapy water. Add 1 gallon of water with 60 ml gentle dishwashing liquid and 120 ml ammonia. The mixture cleans up blood stains. Remember to rub the stained area thoroughly and finish it by rinsing the surface with clean water.

  • Getting  rid of Smelly Stains on Sunbrella fabric

Make a solution of soap and vinegar. Combine one gallon of water with 60 ml of dishwashing liquid and 80 ml white vinegar.

Apply the solution to the odor-causing stain using a sprayer. When necessary, scrub the spot with a bristle brush before rinsing the residue. Urine, vomit, food coloring, beer, and berries respond nicely to soap and vinegar solution.

  • Cleaning Up Oil-Based Stains

Spread cornstarch over the surface of sunbrella fabric that has been discolored by oil-based stains. Cornstarch absorbs the oil and dries the fabric. Once the cornstarch has absorbed the oil, scrape out the residual powder. 

Spray soapy water over the stain and use a sponge with gentle bristles to rinse the fabric. The technique can be used with tomato juice, paint,  tree sap, salad dressing, and liquid shoe polish.

Which Types of Paints Are Suitable For Use On Sunbrella Fabric?

A variety of paint products are used to paint sunbrella fabric. While paint is the preferred medium for most individuals, others utilize inks or fabric dyes to apply the desired color patterns. Most textile and fabric paints contain an acrylic base and are created specifically for use on fabric.

Can you Dye Sunbrella Fabric Permanently?

Sunbrella fabric can have permanent paint. However, paint on the sunbrella fabric surface peels off after some time, especially due to excessive heat exposure and poor fabric maintenance.

Final Verdict

Sunbrella fabric can be painted. Working with a professional is advisable because they possess sophisticated equipment, quality paint products, and expertise required to produce the desired results.

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