Can you cut Hey Dude laces?

Can you cut Hey Dude laces?

Shoes that are not well-fitted are of no use. To ensure a good fit, Hey Dudes have shoe laces that can be tightened to your preferences. However, after tightening the laces, you might not like the appearance of the extra lace. The laces might also be too long that you may end up stepping on them, causing harm to yourself.

Can You Cut Hey Dude Laces?

The straightforward answer to this question is yes. In this quick guide, you will find the steps that will help you cut the Hey Dude laces without harming their good looks.

How To Cut Hey Dude Laces

Below are the steps that will help you cut your Hey Dude laces:

  • Put on Your Hey Dudes

The first step is to put on your shoes. Ensure that you tighten them in a way that you feel is comfortable for your feet.

This will help you see how much excess lace you have on each side of your shoe.

  • Mark Your Laces

You need to know where exactly you will cut your Hey Dude laces, so it is essential to mark the correct spot.

To mark the excess laces you want to cut off, draw lines on either end of the Hey Dude laces using a felt tip pen.

  • Cut Your Hey Dude Laces

Cutting your Hey Dude laces is so easy. All you will need is a pair of sharp scissors. To ensure that you cut at the right spot, follow the marks you made.

Blunt scissors should not be used since they will cause the laces to fray.

  • Finishing the Ends

After cutting the extra length of your shoe laces, you will need to finish the cut ends. This not only improves the look of the laces and your shoes but also ensures that the laces will not fray out.

Below are the steps on how to finish the ends of your Hey Dude laces that you just cut:

  • Wrap the Ends with an Adhesive Tape

Place the lace toward the center of a piece of adhesive tape with the sticky side down. To create the robust and finished tip, sometimes referred to as the aglet, take your time carefully wrapping the tape around the lace.

Cut off any extra lace sticking out past the tape with scissors.

  • Put Some Glue on the Tips of the Laces

Apply a thin layer of glue to the points of the laces, and as it begins to dry, press on it to help it seep into the lace and thin out. Once the glue has dried, you can remove the excess and apply a thin coat to enhance the durability of the aglet. 

Now the tips of your laces should have a perfect finish and be ready for use on your Hey Dudes.

Why Are Hey Dude Shoes So Popular?

So what’s the key to the success of the Hey Dude shoes? Let’s see how Hey Dude shoes established itself quickly as a household name.

Design Flexibility

You’ll notice the diversity of the brand’s product range immediately. Hey Dude has a range of products geared toward youth, women, and men.   In addition, the versatile, timeless design will astound you right out of the box.

You can wear these cozy shoes while exercising in the park, taking yoga classes, hanging out with friends, or working from home. The cloth utilized in the shoes is of a high caliber. This, together with the tasteful color and pattern choices, ensures that your shoes seamlessly fit into any event.

Variety in the Choices

Another liberty from your preferred brand that you would like to have is variety in choosing. Regarding product variety, Hey Dude has undoubtedly ticked all the boxes. On the rack of any of their stores, you may find anything from boat shoes to boots and sandals.

The footwear is made to suit men, women, and children comfortably, making it the preferred brand among many of its devoted customers. Why wouldn’t you enjoy a company that provides your entire family with comfortable, cheap footwear options?

In addition, the majority of Hey Dudes’ designs may be worn by either sex, which makes them more approachable. Therefore, Hey Dude has you covered whether you’re looking for walking, canvas, casual, or just a good pair of shoes.


Hey Dude company isn’t your typical footwear firm that aims to maximize employee productivity for financial gain. Instead, the company focuses on ensuring that its employees have happy workplaces.

Your favorite shoes are made using materials manufactured with sustainability in mind. This is evident from the footwear’s packaging and throughout their manufacturing. To reduce waste and preserve the environment, the cork insole, leather, and plastic used in production are recycled.

Easy to Wash

The simplicity of cleaning is arguably the most significant benefit of routinely wearing Hey Day shoes. The pairs should come out pristine if you wash them in your washing machine at any time. This makes them a practical choice for office workers, service providers, and students.

Comfortable to Wear

Finally, the comfort of these stylish shoes has contributed to their success. Many consumers have compared the experience of wearing the Hey Day shoes to walking on clouds.

Thanks to the shoes’ incredibly light construction, you can go for those lengthy weekend walks in the park or pass time at your friend’s farm.

The brand’s easy-on lace fit has proven to be rather practical. Because of their comfort, you won’t even be aware that you were wearing them the entire day.

Final Take

We hope this article has answered your question of whether you can cut Hey Dude laces. Hey Dude laces can be cut to your preferred sizes.

Cutting the Hey Dude laces will enhance their look and prevent you from stepping on them since this could lead to accidents.

If you are looking forward to shortening your Hey Dude laces, the steps on how to cut the Hey Dude laces discussed in this article will be helpful.