Best Serger Thread

Best Serger Thread

Investing in high-quality serger thread is essential since inferior threads’ low tensile strengths promote the growth of lint and fuzz. As a result, choosing the best serger thread is just as crucial as picking the quality serger machine.

Since sergering uses a lot of thread,  pick a regular serger thread  that  measures between 2000 and 3000 yards. The threads are used in several spools since they serve two purposes: to create seams and to provide a final touch to the raw edge of the fabric.

Standard sewing machine threads can’t prevent bunching and pulling, which results in bulky seams. When it comes to material, polyester is the most popular component for most serger threads because of its durability, toughness, and flexibility. However, keep in mind that not all applications need the use of polyester serger threads. 

Fortunately, you can still buy other serger threads made from wool, nylon, cotton, and various other materials. That is where most people fall into a bad bargain due to too many serger threads options. Don’t worry; you’re in the right place because you will learn more about the best serger threads and get answers to all the puzzles. Keep scrolling.

Top 6 Best Serger Threads

Serger threads are lighter than ordinary thread because serger machines operate at incredibly high speeds. In addition, the threads are more delicate and may be used in the needles and loopers of a serger without tying up in big knots.

Selecting the ideal serger thread is a difficult task that takes time, effort, and energy. However,  here are the best serger threads you can consider on your next purchase.

Ilauke 4 x 3000 Yards Serger Thread

With ilauke 4x 3000 Yards Serger Thread, you will receive 12000 yards of serger thread, which is plenty for managing a sizable job. 

These threads are created from top-quality polyester fabric. As a result, the ilauke 4 x 3000 Yards Serger Thread is sturdy and powerful. Fraying, ripping, and tangling up issues will only happen occasionally.

The ilauke threads come in four cons and are black, making it a great option if you want a package for everyday use. Any serger and a regular sewing machine work best with the ilauke 4 x 3000 Yards Serger Threadworks.

They are also great for use with your hand. Ultimately, ilauke 4 x 3000 Yards Serger Threads are simple to attach to a needle and sew with.

Maxi-Lock Swirls Rainbow Swirl Serger Thread

Another top-notch single cone option is the Maxi-Lock Swirls Rainbow Swirl Serger Thread. Serger Threads are often sold in sets of three, four, five, or six cones.

However, some individuals prefer to buy a single cone of thread. As a result, Maxi-Lock creates this fantastic solution. You should get this if you want a serger thread choice of the highest caliber.

The product is well made, with superior spun Polyester in beautiful, varied hues. You will benefit from this thread’s seam strength, reliable sewability, mildew, Ultraviolet tolerance, kink, and abrasion resistance.

Additionally, the thread is reasonably priced. You will get several color options to choose from. You will also receive 3000 yards of thread on the cone. Maxi-Lock Swirls Rainbow Swirl Serger Thread is a great thing to have if your budget allows it.

IZO Home Goods 4-Pack of 6000 Yards (EACH)

IZO Home Goods White Serger is available in four cones. Each cone has 6000 yards of thread. That’s enough to complete any job successfully. If you sew frequently, it will be a great way to save money without sacrificing quality.

The serger threads from IZO Home Goods are comprised of Polyester. Polyester is also used to construct the core. You should be impressed by the threads’ thickness and durability. 

Additionally, the serger threads from IZO Home Goods are easy to stitch with. The combination makes the IZO Home White Serger ideal for various tasks, including single-needle sewing, overlocking, serging, and more.

Since they work with all types of sergers, the IZO Home Serger threads may be used at home and in the workplace. For a long time, you can stitch without worrying about thread breakage, thread snapping, or tangling issues.

Additionally, the product’s pricing is fair. Though some individuals stated that you would discover lint on the thread, that will be fine if you use them consistently. Try the IZO White Serger thread without anxiety.

Maxi-Lock Black Serger Thread

You should use the Maxi-Lock Black Serger Thread if you only need one cone. It’s one of the most outstanding options available today for the price. 

Polyester of the highest grade is used to make the Maxi-Lock Black Serger Thread. Therefore, it has extraordinary strength and durability.

The serger machine’s high speeds and tension are no match for the champion Maxi-Lock thread. If you have this thread, you can handle all your stitching demands. The thread works well with light and medium-weight materials. Generally, it’s a great purchase, given the cost.

Mandala Crafts All-Purpose Sewing Thread

Frustrated that you couldn’t acquire your preferred thread color? The all-purpose sewing thread from Mandala Crafts is here to end your annoyance. Twelve colorful sets are available, and the package comes with four cones.

Even a set of five cones in five different colors is available. The remaining four cones in the set come in the same hues, such as green, red, yellow, white, and black.

Mandala Crafts All-Purpose Sewing Thread is made from premium spun Polyester with plastic covering the lock cones. Consequently, it has minimum lint, is non-stretchy, strong, resilient, and devoid of knots and tangles. 

The all-purpose sewing thread from Mandala Crafts is ideal for seaming, hemming, or stitching canvas, upholstery, cotton, and other materials. They work with the majority of common sergers.

The fact that Mandala Crafts offers a warranty is its best feature. Yes, serger threads don’t have a guarantee; this is a brand-new concept. That gives us insight into how assured they are in their offering. Indeed, Mandala Crafts All Purposes Sewing Thread is the best serger thread in the market that is reasonably priced. You should try it.

Gutermann Serger Thread

Another premium option for your serger machine is Gutermann Premium Serger Thread. It has threads tha are excellently made and can function well under stress. Gutermann Premium Serger Thread resists the incredible pace of the serger machine and handles the tension correctly.

Gutermann Premium Serger Thread is entirely comprised of Polyester. The performance will impress you and be compatible with the most common serger machines. Gutermann Premium Serger Threads may be used for a long time since there will be no mess while using the serger.    

They operate incredibly well and are simple to use. Gutermann Premium Serger Thread not only comes in a variety of colors, but it’s also reasonably priced.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Serger Thread


Serger threads are made from nylon, cotton, Polyester, and many more materials. Polyester serger threads are the most prevalent since they are flexible, and robust. Additionally, they are versatile,  abrasion-resistant, pucker-resistant, and available in several colors.

Cotton threads are not suitable for sergers. Short fibers in these threads might clog your serger. They are also weaker than polyester threads. Nylon threads perform, especially for swimwear and sportswear.


Serger threads used to only come in basic colors. However, things have changed, and colorful serger threads are widely available.

Several colors combine well with your cloth. The color choice is yours. To match the thread, verify your fabric’s color.

Texture and Length

Use smooth serger thread. It won’t serge well and won’t make flexible seams. Additionally, sergering takes several threads. Thus, 3000-yard serger threads are helpful, but  6000-yard threads are also available.

Lint-free and UV-resistant

For easy stitching, choose the lint-free thread. Find an Ultraviolet-resistant, mildew-resistant, and shrink-proof alternative.


Serger Threads are affordable. You’ll find one within your budget. However, if you want the best, you have to pay more. The best Serger threads above are excellent and proven.